Friday, August 31, 2007


that's right folks
this blog post doesn't even get an "on" in front of its name
because its purely TGIF.

let me tell you about my thursday

7am wakey wakey pan-a-cake-e
8am go for a run in not my running shoes. its a BEAUTIFUL morning...alas i wind up with a blister from the shoes
9am walking for fitness class, awesome walk, still Great weather
10am begin sweaty, stinky clothes.
11:15am Karen gets I sneakk out of class and conveniently enough I live across the street...sooo I chow a bowl of cereal, grab an apple and a diet cherry pepsi...
11:30am back in class
1:30pm class is over, but I realize I only did 2 pages of sketches in those 3 hours......errrr this logo thing is a struggle
1:35 go cash money order for bike that I sold over the summer
1:45 write rent check, eat a sandwich, go to work
2pm work work this day done YET? I'm tired.
4pm Amy says that If I wanted to go get a bean picture where the open bean is higher in the picture, that would be fine. She tells me to take an x-acto to cut it open. I say ...I'll just use my thumb. She says, Okay, do what you want.
6pm decide to leave work because i need more bean pictures. I take amy's advice with the xacto.
drive south of where I work onto a gravel road. There's an odd man walking out there...who walks alone on a gravel road? He must have been headed for the football game.........I eventually park where I need to be and lock my car because of this creepy man.
6:05pm in a beanfield, I procede to set up tripod and cut open bean....miss bean, cut open finger
6:15pm finger still bleeding, I give up on waiting for it to quit and continue taking pictures.

6:30pm quit with the picture taking, head back to my car......which my keys are locked in.
6:31pm big sigh.
6:33pm another big sigh.
6:35pm put hand up to try to wave cars down

its dusty.
6:40pm people are too interested to get to the they don't stop, rather I am dust covered.
6:45pm man driving south stops and asks if i need help. Yes please.
7pm get to my apartment that the man drove me to. Extend my gratitude.
7:02pm get bandaid for my finger that's Still bleeding. apparently my blood sucks.

7:05pm Maria and I call everyone we can find phone numbers to, to get Kym's phone number who has my spare key. Kym has left for rome. We then call Butch's who has the power of unlocking cars for one ugly price.

7:15pm Maria and I drive out to my car to meet the Butch's guy. we see lots of pretty things and take pictures of them!!! Then decide we should drive around taking pictures together more often. :)

7:45pm drop work camera off at work, pack up my bags from work head back to OE land
8pm eat chinese
8:08pm fall asleep Next to my chinese
8:30pm woken up.....its stbn YO! The ketchup of GLORY arrives in my arms. I am happy and complete.
9pm?? get down to the great MADRID. to bj's bar of some sorts...
by sometime: i've consumed a massive quantity of the bud light. gross.
but there was good music and Great company and.....deeeeeerunk me.
then... I stumbled myself into bed. :)



my mom called AND texted AND e-mailed me because she was worried
i'm not one to call home much
but it must have been a Really long time or something..........
*shrugs* I called her this morning.
I think maybe she just misses me. :)
But she's happy to hear I'm alive. haha.

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Such-Great-Heights said...

oh kim...your days and just like books i should read.

tgif....vaca time.

it's gonna be magical.