Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On Saying 'later'

My good 'ol
coworker Abby

is finally at her last day of work.
And though Amy said she could come back
in the spring

when she comes back from Rome...
it still sort of breaks my heart.
I mean, who else will pretend to take
senior pictures
when we're out 'working' and ....supposed
to be taking pictures of wind turbines?

Who else will tell me about how much
she hates Deb (one of the studio instructors)
or how anxious she is about........everything.
Or who will walk to the g-station with me at 11am
every morning??

I suppose i'll survive.
It'll just be a bit more quiet.

But it does make me Really think about
how well 'opposites' can work together...
and work Well.

Farewell Abby
it was fun
and i'm STOKED for the spring
when we can work together again.

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