Sunday, August 5, 2007

On being Done

After a long few weeks of
designing and changing
and rejecting
and moving on
to more
designing and changing
and rejecting

and gluing and trimming

and resizing
we decided
We're Done.
I uploaded the designs for
the Display.

Don't worry
the mock-up is made of our printouts
rubber cemented onto foamcore
and the front/back panels are distinguished
by noneother than the
clear plastic cup.

I'm Really excited for when it is printed
and we can see it for Real.
Imagine those panels as more of
a swimmingsuit fabric that stretches
and buttons on to a sort of frame....
Oh, and is 10feet tall.

So now I can move on to
the General Information Brochure
and the Annual report....
I think its "Yay!" for about the first two
weeks...check back and see how tired
of it I am......... I'm sure it'll be fine.
I'll just post more pictures of myself
up next to my desk and it'll be All good.

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Kris said...

so THAT's where the magic happens...