Wednesday, August 8, 2007

On Small Town Bar Night

Ooooooh small town bar night
How i love thee.

This week:

The first stop = the Crazy Horse Saloon
ahhh how full of classy mc class.

We met a fella named Matt.
He was...nice enough, I suppose.
Disturbingly drunk, to the point of
dancing atop the bar top.

But that is certainly not me complaining
it was by far one of the most eventful
stbn's of the summer.

Thanks AGAIN,
for saving my life from that dude.

Remember when we met Chuck??
"There was gentleman who was in both bars last night. His name was Chuck. Chuck had been giving us the eye at the Crazy Horse and I was keeping an eye on him as well. When we were at Water Street and he showed up, I thought for sure this was going to be a creepy stalker guy, as sometimes we draw those. I was standing behind HFF with my arm around her shoulder when Chuck came up and said, "I wish someone would hold me like that." Great. Creep factor increasing. When I replied, "I only stand this close to my nearest and dearest friends", he said, "I understand". He then went on to tell us how he was out drinking tonight to celebrate/memorialize a friend of his who had died at 7:15 that evening. He was wearing his hawaiian shirt in his friend's honor, who was apparently a Jimmy Buffet fan. So we chatted for a bit and he shared that he was currently homeless and living with his son. So as he went back to the bar and we went back to our table, I wished Chuck well. "

Yeah....something about that guy...
sort of hit me.
He had sad eyes.
And as creepy as he may have been at first...
I kinda just want to give him a hug now.

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Kris said...

If we travel back to Cambridge, I think Chuck would appreciate your hug.