Wednesday, January 14, 2009

y'all are needy!


I was at design, scanning symbols/icons today, and there were Pages of how they came to the final United Airlines logo, and the... Target logo was in there...aaand a lot of... how they got to the final design... And i though *wow, I should totally scan this page for my blog, those people love this... gah, no one reads that thing anymore...*

I guessss you doooo....

Truth is, for those of you who don't know... Jared and I have a new blog
and it has been sucking up all of my extra blogging time - Not sure if I'll have time to upkeep TWO, but there are LOTS of nifty design things happening this semester, so maybe...maybe mabel.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On Ice

I wonder how they weigh the "nearly two million tons of [missing] ice"

Thursday, December 11, 2008

On Gross

Groos thing of the week

Thank you Wired Blog Network...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On House Buying

Well guys,

Complete with a lovely back yard for Luda!!!
oh oh, and a shed. Yep, there's a shed.
And Lilac bushes behind this,
compost boxes, even!

We also have

a living room!
and and

a loverly kitchen
featuring a dishwasher that says
"washing HO" whilst washing
and and a new gas stove!!!

I must say, it has been hell.
Mostly, because of this douche bag


Furman Realty.
Yeah, that's all the banner they could afford, because they use a dick as a realtor who probably drives most of the customers away.
Then again, they do live out here:

so maybe they just spend all of their money on their Office building.

Either way... the process is coming together nicely...
we went through Brick Kickers

for our inspection, and the dude

shared our sense of humor and was...just a really great guy.

And our realtor has been AMAZING, too!

Karen is really really great.
**sorry karen that you slipped on the ice while trying to get us our papers to sign...hope you are doing well...**

Anywho... that is the run-down of what the past week has been filled wtih. Yaaaay!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

On Helvetica

I know I've blogged about Helvetica before. guys seem to be fans, mostly, of my graphic design posts. Possibly because its fascinating stuff, and possibly its because its stuff you don't know much about - but realize after reading that you Should know...

This is Mike Parker (in the movie, Helvetica)
He talks about the figure/ground relationship that happens in the typeface (and in type in general) ...and he has sooo much passion!!! Maybe that is why you guys like reading about it - because...g.d.ers are just NERDS about something that seems So...simple.
But it isn't simple. Helvetica, is rather neutral. But whether you're trying to say "Keep Going!" aren't going to write it in "ultra light" Helvetica, no no, you put it in at least a Regular, if not Bold.
Beyond Helvetica, there is a time and place for ...hand done type. A place for type with perfectly rounded "o"s
I loved watching Helvetica with Jared, a Graphic Designer, I'm aware of how Neat and prevalent in our capitalist society typefaces are... so many logos/corporations...swarming with Helvetica. ...But the average person, has No idea. I think that THAT is the importance of the movie. The simple fact that an entire documentary could be made on ONE typeface... that in itself speaks volumes.

mmmm tastey. tastey. type.

In other, related news... I would just like to say that my most recent, favorite typeface has been Akzidenz

which, before the movie, Helvetica, I had no idea that is what Helvetica was derived from.... I'm just...happy to know that I used an alternative to the default, ...that inspired possibly one of hte greatest typefaces.... and picked it, just....Because. heh.

Time to go....carve out a ring, eat spaghettio's and watch mythbusters.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

On Thanksgiving

well, not sure what your thanksgiving's look like, but the first half of mine looks like this:

I stayed home with mom and helped prepare the house and such, but...
it is a yearly tradition to go out and shoot the clay.

Other happenings included my uncle Joe being... special:

and my mom explaining deep important things to the youngsters

while the service oriented youngster gives grandpa a massage

back to homework land!!