Thursday, August 2, 2007

On my Mom

Its a strange topic,
I know.
But recently, my mom e-mailed me after reading my blog:

"Well I checked out your 'Blog and it was forever long.
But it was really fun to look at.".....then some info
about her future travels to Michigan........then
"I love you and hope you continue to have fun.
Be carefull of all that beer drinking your doing,
and stay out of trouble please. Love mom :)"

I open with that e-mail because
of the Top Ten greatest things
about my mom
Its just time. :)

I was Rarely Rarely ever told
"absolutely do Not do _____"
Always a "be careful with what you do"
She is simply a believer in...
you'll take my advice, or you will
learn the hard way... and as long as you learn.

Does your mom wear your club's
t-shirt...and not Just when you come home?
Yep. Supportive
Always always she's been supportive.

She can ride a bike w/o hands...
at 50+ years old, that's Skill.
Not only CAN she do it, but she does
it well and will ride circles around you
While she does it.
Really what that comes down to is that
she loves to have fun,
and....and knows How to have fun.
That's all kinds of Neat.
Shoot. I struggle to get half my friends
Here to come out and ride bikes
around the block with me.....

She loves the river
and being on the boat
and driving the boat!
AND she flips the bill
when we take evening rides
up to the Rivers Edge for dinner.

Patience......and Baking?
Did you know that one year for Lent,
my mom gave up BAKING?
And trust me, it was one hell of a sacrifice

at least for the family?
But that's pure magic...having a mom who
Loves to cook that much...

I don't think I can distinctly recall
a moment of being Really yelled at.
Sure...there's that 'look' you get
when you Know you're in trouble...
Never really even a scold without explaining
why its happening, and all that jazz

"stay out of trouble please"
it wasn't a demand, it was simply a polite request.
How sweet is that?
And its always been that way.

mom: *makes goofy comment*
dad: "you're so queer"
mom: "no i'm not, but if i were, I would have married Roxanne!"

She's on facebook.

she's My mom. Duh.

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Jaya said...

This was one of the sweetest things I've read in a while. Plus I love your mom too, so it was extra good.