Sunday, August 26, 2007

On a process

GAH madeline is HOTT
can you imagine ANY other bicycle sitting in
our retro dining room?????? Me either, I think she fits in

in other news....

With school a full week in ...things are about to get serious.

Pages and pages of notes are starting to fill the unorganized air
(actually, I just papercilpped the loose stuff together yesterday...
via paperclips)
I don't like having papers in their respective binders...because
that means ....well....carrying around that many extra binders a day
when I could really just stick all of the loose paper into a sketchbook.


our kitchen is freakin sweet, I don't care what anyone else says

Lately I've been hanging out more and more at home.
Its so Great
I Love my roomate...she wears moo-moo's....(not really..)
but she's a work-a-holic and its kinda funny because
....i believe it makes her a little crazy...
She'll be a Great influence on me, I believe.


In my photography class....
we have to take pictures that have dominant color to them


Such-Great-Heights said...

Is that a picture of a rum and diet cherry coke zero or whatever? HA

Its dangerous business walking... said...

yes, yes it is.
diet cherry pepsi, thanks.
buttt mostly rum.