Friday, August 10, 2007

On Being Home

I'm home
In my room

stuffed animals on my bed, and all. (those aren't mine, btw!)

And though it may be...
blessed with a precious plastic doll house
a Rubbermade of toys, and my bookshelves...
turned into gameshelves.

I can't say i mind.
I love it in fact.
I think its Great that my little guys

have a place to play and learn.
And to a point....It makes me think
about how its somewhat full circle.
The shelves above still hold the books
whose characters filled my head not so long ago
From C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity, to Sinclair's The Jungle
The Color Purple, To Kill a Mocking Bird on and on...
And lest we forget...
The Aeneid, by good ol Virgil....
comeplete and Latin.

I need to start reading more...again.
mmm tastey stuff.

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Kris said...

i like this post A Lot.