Wednesday, June 11, 2008


First Folks!!!
I had my b-day party!!!

it was AWESOME.
Thanks everyone who showed up and made it as such.

(p.s. ...that's my back yard!!!)



aight folks
Hang with me here:

Day 1: Drive to Lake McSomething...

start a campfire, read, walk the dog, fish, laugh, eat...

During the night, it stormed...but have no fear
it was actually Nice. The tent held up well and we were dry
and the rest was left to the sound of pounding thunder and refreshing rain

Day 3: Get up and Going to the Yurt!

This is the spiral staircase up to the loft area of the Yurt

and the Kitchen (not bad, ey?)

and the Living room!
I realize that...I didn't get a shot of the composting toilet was a composting toilet... strange.
You should google it.

Day 3: Snow?

Who knew that in June, it would snow

I suppose when you're on a mountain, its somewhat expected,
but weird. Just a little weird.

We didn't mind, though
the dogs chilled by the fire:

The other dog there is... a long story
it belongs to the owners of the Yurt and...
was outside cold all night, so we finally let him in and dried him off and...
got him all kinds of warmed up, again.

Mickey kept the fire stoked

I'm not sure what day this was on...

but...When you can't find a lighter...or when you're bored...
how else might you manage to light your smokes except...why OF COURSE...
via ...roasted marshmellow??? Way to be Sconnie, Kris

Another quality Kris moment...

Sometimes...Smart people do DUMB things.
...such as try drying out your pants by SETTING
them ON a wood burning stove... brilliant. Brilliant.

Day 4: not sure actually which day this was...oh well

The sun was setting as another storm rolled in. Pretty awesome.

Day 5: To Denver we go!

We took our time packing up from the Yurt,
did some Mountain driving to see the signts
and made our way down to Denver.
That evening we went to Red Rocks

and saw MoFing
together they played:

(ignore the video, the song, hear the song...aaaand maybe imagine it...
LIVE at redrocks... ooooh my.
They sang "In Spite of Ourselves" too!

and John closed with:

Lake Marie!!
"oooooh baby, we gotta go, now."

anyway. That was Amazing.

Day 6 & 7: ...something with brewerys and a baseball game

we tore Denver apart, I must say.
We hunted for a brewery tour and found us a
$10 all you can eat/drink event... HOLLA!!!!

Then the next day, we zoomed around a "peoples" fair...
there was fried food, live entertainment and...
a lot of people. Fun enough for me, I'd have to say!!!
It was AMAZING weather

wouldn't you say, you guys???

I thought so.

Last Day!! :(

Don't know why I have a sad face there...
it was maybe one of the best days...
we fixed the headlight in the Trail Blazer
Visited an Antique mall whilst that happened...
mmm... went shopping a bit more!
mmm..... ate some great food
and then
ooooh and then
*here comes more excitement...

went and saw, again at Red Rocks...
Brandi Carlile!!!!!

she's amazing
so amazing

i can't even put it into words.
so I wont.
it was good.
and...and then she CLOSED...
with Hallelujah.
And God made an 8th day... just for everyone to listen to THAT.
It was THAT good.
Yea... mind blowing.

Then we drove home.

Hope you enjoyed the recap!


Cycle Ninja said...

[sharpens pencil]

Let's see...LOL-speak: check.
Yurt: check.
Two different sections titled "Day 3": check.
Mickey and Kris: check.
Burned pants: check (I mean, I KNEW Kris was hot, but still...)
Puppy dogs: check.
Concert at Red Rocks: check (turns green with envy.)
Brewery tour: check.

[examines list]
Yup, that's a full Kim blog post.

Teasing aside, I'm glad you had fun. And I'm sorry I couldn't make the party, I was in Alabama at the time. I'll pop in with something cold and bonny in a bottle sometime.

Kris said...

You think I'm hot? Really?


You missed a great party but I'm sure there will be others.