Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On a new roomate:

Well guys
Friday's the day that...
that I leave the Cottage...
by leave I really mean that
i Might sleep over some other
place about a block and
a half away, but that's...
But I will have a new roomie!

This is Maria and her paintings
at the DSM art festival
Maria. you're fantastic.

Remember when we worked forever on Rob's stuff
ooooh about this time Last year?

Now That was a painful....adventure.
good to be... pseudo done.
Good work Maria!
Way to go with that whole...
follow through thing...
I'd imagine Rob

has lost my cell phone
number by now...
That man needs sleep.

remember when we went
garage saleing....saling?
and...found lots of crap.

And by crap,
I of course mean Main Street
and Cafe Diem and muffins........
I'm excited for winter so i can wear my hats.

Yep... Maria, I hope you're ready
for me ....
I'm good at dishes.

Don't even worry Summer Cottage Dwellers...
There will be a summer tribute coming soon, I'm sure.

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family said...

i look forward to the tribute.