Saturday, July 28, 2007

On Bonking

I think its absolutely FASCINATING
what the body can be put through
how its limits can be tested.
Moreso, I'm amazed at what we do
to get ourselves through it.


We did a 65mile loop (not bad, i Know)
The worst part was that I went with
someone who I had never even met before
*can we say, embarassing??*
Anyway, here's what it was

Its a good thing I've been doing tihs long
enough to know that...hey ....I Don't need
to prove much of anything and I'll make
up for it next time, maybe take an extra
pull or two instead of JW having to
drag my ass all the way back to Ames

but the route included going through Ledges State Park

as well as riding out to Pilot Mound...

The climbs Definitely kicked my ass.

It was a deliciously nice day out
a bit humid...
CRAZY humid, actually,
but a good breeze that would actually be a little cool
now and then.

So in the end, I'm left to wonder...
How do you describe "bonking" to someone?
Not just the punding headache,
the legs that feel like 50 pound sledge hammers....
the explosions that happen in your legs anytime
any effort is used...

It goes beyond that
It goes to the mental thought process of
"i can't go further"
"i can't do that hill"
"I can't go on"
"we have to slow down"
"Shit, i'm out of water"
"c'mon flat time, c'mon flat tire"
"don't you dare stop pedaling"
"mmmm cheeeeseburrrger"
"mmmmm Hammmms beeeer"
"omg what happened? I SUCK"
"I can't keep going"

Yet the end.
I've always ended up back at home.

Motivated by the thought
of sinking my teeth into THIS:


Jaya said...

you are amazing.

Jaya said...

p.s. what map mash-up did you use for the route-tracking?