Monday, July 23, 2007

On a Great Weekend


What a great weekend...
I took a good good friend of my camping
this kid's lived in WISCONSIN before AND MINNESOTA
and has NEVER been camping....
i'll forgive her this time...
but did you know that she hasn't been
to a demolition derby, either?
.....we'll get it taken care o


KT came to visit on Saturday!!!
If I had a paper clip for everytime
she gave me one when I sayd "I dunno"
I'd have enough to get organized...
So why aren't I organized quite yet???
"I dunno"



Next up. I'm still Loving my job.
Last Tuesday we went out and
took photographs of cyclists against
riding along the Iowa landscaped
brushed with wind turbines.
They turned out Great.

I'm currently working on some display thinger, though.

I Really Really fear for the day
that I don't have such a care-free job.
It might even be one of my greatest fears
It MIGHT even be a sort of reason
as to why I want to live in a river shanty...
So that if I have a job I'm not happy with
Then "so what" ...I could move on
Not that I ever really find myself unhappy when working...
Plus... who wouldn't want to live the simple life?
Go to work long as I want,
come home to the dog (tank?)
go for a bike ride,
go swim in the dirty nasty river...
grill some chow....
and sleeeep!!!!

Sounds good to me, too.



Sometime last week I was saying to myself:
Self, I really wish I could find a softball team to play on...
Not for a Long time, just for a game or two.
Next thing I know...
I'm playing w/ some folks
and its a delightfully steamy, sunny, dirty day
We practiced together a bit,
then had a game Tuesday.
We may have lost
but I got to slide back to first to tag up...

And lets be honest.
Is it a softball game w/o some blood?
I didn't think so either.

There was a good sort of lesson behind it though.
Something about ....doing it Just for fun.
That we didn't win, didn't matter
that that dude playing left field
couldn't catch the ball...let alone throw it....
didn't matter.
We were all having fun.
we were all meeting some new friends
we all got to feel the bat hitting the ball
Sometimes there are more to some things...

checkout that sweeeeet belt buckle...hott.

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Jessica G said...

I think there's a difference between a little blood and a gusher from your knee . . . *sigh*