Thursday, July 19, 2007

On Being Famous:

"Great bike ride affords good times"
do i look scared, or WHAT!?

"It's a great community builder for bicyclers, or even anyone remotely interested," Topp said. "It's a lot of inexperienced riders though, so I have sort of shied away from it since I found out what it was - I don't want to get injured."

That's...Hardly what I said....Especially the word choice of "bicyclers"??? ....*shakes head*
Cyclists, please.
I don't think i'd Ever say bicyclers...

But that's Okay, its a decent article...
except that....the ride Doesn't start on the
Missouri river........
The dude who wrote it ....
wrote it at like 11pm the night
before it was due...
Fortunately, no one reads the Summer Daily.

Nah, I'm being too harsh.
Its a good article,

Hey hey,
remember this article, though?
and how
"Asked about whether she was nervous about making her downhill race debut, Topp said, "Nah, I'm just hungry."
Thanks MNDaily...

it seriously is one of my favorite moments...
reading that that's what they put in there from me

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