Thursday, March 13, 2008

On vacationing........again

wow. Sure seems like I've been traveling a lot lately
....I HAVE!
its pretty awesoooome.

This time though, Moab's not reporting the temps of greatness
like it was last year

in fact...a 50% chance of rain Thursday?
SUNSHINE ...its supposed to be all SUNSHINE!

I guess I can't complain too much, it still beats
ames by 20degrees a day or so.

In other news....
I'm in a class where I'm supposed
to learn how to make 3D animation-able stuff
liiike...Like Shrek for example

soooo here's a rough sketch of a point-of-purchase display that I want to do

aaaand here's what I have so far

I mean, its not BAD.
I can rotate it around, change stuff like that
its a lot to take in when its 50degrees and sunny out
and all I want to do is ride my bike.


inn other other news

its Thursday night and LOST is on

so don't try calling me.


Such-Great-Heights said...

I hear you on the riding bike thing....being on Lynda briefly yesterday afternoon....I think we're going to be bonding again today....

Have fun in Moab...even though you won't read this until you get back.

Cycle Ninja said...

Moab? Lucky stiff.

Since you're a mountain biker and a designer, check this out.