Monday, November 17, 2008

On keys. and music...

I think my keys should take up a career in... hmmm in...
hide and seek.

well, the bad part would be that they wouldn't take their actual the seeking. And that's no good...but... otherwise, they... hide a lot. AND they do it whenever i'm trying to get somewhere on time. Unbelievable.


...maybe it is a sign of the times.... and my subconscious
but...the order of my iTunes by "Date Added" looks something like:

Ludacris "GET BACK"!!!!
"get back motha' fucker, you don't KNOW me like that!"

Ludacris "Move Bitch"!!!
"Moooove bitch get out the way..."

Pink "So What"

This one is my new favorite song for now
Luda and I were actually just dancing around
upstairs to it really loud..... he likes the song, i think.

Ben Folds "Bitch Went Nuts"

Ben Folds "You Don't Know Me"

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