Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On Another Adventure

You'd think that...
I'd have learned by now.

Gained some...common sense.
Become a bit sharper of a tool in the shed...

part of my charm,
lets be honest,
....is that sometimes I just...

And they're never just a simple mistake.
They are always tiny, then...then you realize a bigger mistake that it really is part of.
and Then you realize that really...life goes on and...it actually Was just a ...silly mistake.

Let me tell you what I'm talking about.

Lola, my car.
We were out at a nice local park, being parked.
Chillin w/ the radio on.
I was having a really nice chat with a friend of mine.
All of a sudden
the radio turns off.


*turn key*
**tic tic tic tic*

well...that's...that's......that's the sound of an empty car battery.

So fine,
get out the jumpers.
But wait....wtf.
The hood won't open.
.....its jammed.
We can't get it opened for the life of us.

So...waiting around for a while
with a few knights on white horses in there to save the day
be patient
understanding (of my...incompetence)
Eventually some AAA style help arrives...
and pulls the thing that opens the hood....

Apparently, I wasn't pulling it hard enough.
And I will have you know,
that it felt completely like that motha' was going to break.
The plastic was starting to flex and...i wasn't going to force it.
Plus, I HAD popped it once, the very first time,
we both heard it, right Kris!??!?
and it was After that that I felt I couldn't get it.

MORAL of the story....
you don't need a tow truck if you just look at ....
all the angles of the situation and figure out what Really needs to be done.
Figure out the ACTUAL problem, and you can figure out the Actual solution.



Such-Great-Heights said...

So what was the actual problem? The battery?

Cycle Ninja said...

Sounds like the problem is karma, but then, isn't it always?